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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Core Member Aurora-Silver26/Germany Groups :iconparadise-of-canines: Paradise-of-Canines
and felines ~
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Given by Merinid-DE
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:bulletred: My newest Pictures :bulletred:

DA Stamps: I can.. by eleoyasha .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot I appreciate all support :D by Timesplitter92

DON'T critique me unless I ask for it, please!

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:star: INFORMATIONS :star:

:bulletpurple: Art Trades - Yes, I do them. But I am picky.
:bulletpurple: Requests and Gifts - They are for friends only and will ever be.
:bulletpurple: Commissions - the Price List can be found below. Thank you for any order.
:bulletpurple: Collaborations - I do them out of fun, but not with everyone.
:bulletpurple: ACEO Cards - I do them traditionally and digitally.

:star: MY TO-DO LIST :star:

:bulletorange: ART TRADE for Lilith-the-5th - 0%
:bulletorange: ART TRADE for Kirschenwasser - 10%
:bulletorange: COMMISSION for Kirschenwasser - 0%

:star: MY WAITING LIST :star:

:bulletpurple: ART TRADE from Mizehri
:bulletpurple: ART TRADE from ToPpeRa-TPR
:bulletpurple: ART TRADE from kaitastic
:bulletpurple: ART TRADE from Kirschenwasser
:bulletpurple: ART TRADE from Lilith-the-5th

Y is for Yummy
U is for Unusual
K is for Kind
I is for Impressive
K is for Keen
O is for Overwhelming

A is for Astounding
U is for Unique
R is for Refreshing
O is for Optimistic
R is for Romantic
A is for Artistic

S is for Sincere
I is for Inspirational
L is for Luscious
V is for Visionary
E is for Enthusiastic
R is for Relaxing



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Commission Informations

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:bulletred: :bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletblack: :bulletred: SERIOUS CUSTOMERS ONLY!! :bulletred: :bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletblack: :bulletred:
I am fed up with pranks and people who show interest and NEVER reply, again.

Only write me a Note if you REALLY, REALLY WANT a Commission from me, and only if you REPLY to my Notes!

[COMMISSIONS ARE FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY! If you want it otherwise, I have to charge more!]

Hey, what's up, everybody?
Welcome to Aurora's Commission Service!
If you ever wanted to order a picture from me, here is your chance.

Who dares, wins! Just read the rules and write me a PM. I'm waiting for you!

:bulletblack: General Rules :bulletblack:

:bulletyellow: Money Commissions are SEMI-OPEN :bulletyellow:
:bulletred: Point Commissions are CLOSED :bulletred:

- Payment: € (Euros) ONLY, and if opened, :points: - if you have Paypal, you won't have troubles sending € and not $
- Payment via Paypal or Transfer (for german people)
- Will draw: almost everything, except too much mecha, yaoi, yuri, yiff - but I can do mild pairings and you can ask for R18
- Will draw DIGITAL only
- Payment will be in advance, if not decided otherwise (via Note)
- Please don't re-submit my drawn work in your own gallery - you can always link back to my works via Journal or Poll
- Please don't rush me. Some works take longer to be finished.
- I don't have a general order and will draw as the inspiration strikes, but no matter how long it could take: your picture will get done!
- Please send me a Note, if you want to order
- If you are unsure about things are going or prices are determined, don't hesitate to ask me
- I don't bite - you can write me anytime
- Would be cool if you could pay the Paypal Fee, but it's no must.
- I can show you WIPs of my work

REMINDER: I am going to take only 1 customer at time, so I don't overburden myself!
RESERVATIONS: To explain it easy, I'm going to write down your name and when I'm finished with the order, I'll come back to you and we can discuss motive, price etc. - if you don't want a Commission anymore, feel free to say so, and I'll remove you from the list.

:bulletyellow: I offer the following: :bulletyellow:

:bulletgreen: Category 1 :bulletgreen:

Edoardo Alessandro - Gift by Aurora-Silver -C- Shralen by Aurora-Silver -C- Yoichi Asukai by Aurora-Silver

- simple BG or transparent BG / less Action
- Fullbody / Halfbody
- Cell Shading / Mixed Style / Flat Colours
- Full Price: €60.00 ; + €40.00 per additional Character
- Flat Colour Price: €30.00 ; + €20.00 per additional Character
- Pictures without BG: €40.00 ; + €30.00 per additional Character

:bulletgreen: Category 2 :bulletgreen:

Ruler of Cold by Aurora-Silver Flying Lessons with Daddy by Aurora-Silver Ho-Oh by Aurora-Silver

- simple or detailed BG / more Action
- Fullbody / Halfbody
- Cell Shading / Mixed Style / Soft Cell Shading
- Price: €120.00 ; + €60.00 per additional Character

:bulletgreen: Category 3 :bulletgreen:

Pantera Grimmjow by Aurora-Silver Hihio Zabimaru by Aurora-Silver Vasto-Lorde Ulquiorra by Aurora-Silver Skitty by Aurora-Silver The Beast - Deathborn by Aurora-Silver Sleeping Universe - Mew by Aurora-Silver Wassili  and Milotic by Aurora-Silver Where I belong by Aurora-Silver Crying Moon - Ulquiorra by Aurora-Silver Noxtrasia - Darkness will devour You... by Aurora-Silver

- simple or detailed BG
- Fullbody / Halfbody
- Realstyle / Semi Realstyle
- Price: €200.00 ; + €100.00 per additional Character

:bulletgreen: Category 4 :bulletgreen:

Playful Rorayena by Aurora-Silver We're not in Shambhala by Aurora-Silver Let's head for Shadow Moses! by Aurora-Silver Flowers by Aurora-Silver

- Chibi
- Fullbody
- Cell Shading Style / Flat Colours
- with / without BG
- Full Price: €20.00 ; + €15.00 per additional Character (without BG) / + €15.00 depending on the Background
- Flat Colour Price: €15.00 ; + €10.00 per additional Character

:bulletgreen: Category 5 :bulletgreen:

-P Comm- for Neonmars by Aurora-Silver -C1- ladysketcher by Aurora-Silver Contest Prize - BlackKiba by Aurora-Silver

- Lineart only
- Traditional or Digital
- Fullbody / Halfbody / Headshot
- different lineart Styles possible
- Price: €20.00 ; + €15.00 per additional Character
- You will receive the PSD Data or a PNG Picture after finishing the Lineart

:bulletgreen: Category 6 :bulletgreen:

Conspiracy OCs - Part 1 by Aurora-Silver Conspiracy OCs - Part 2 by Aurora-Silver -C- Arlieon by Aurora-Silver -C- Foon the Scarlet Swift by Aurora-Silver

- Headshot / Portrait
- Coloured / simple BG
- digital only
- Hard Cellshading / Flat Colours
- Full Price: €20.00
- Flat Colour Price: €15.00
- Lineart Price: €12.00
- Sketch Price: €8.00

:bulletgreen: Category 7 :bulletgreen:

Sketch P Commission - Jin Kurosaki by Aurora-Silver Sketch P Commission - Crasious by Aurora-Silver Sketch P Commission - Zulia by Aurora-Silver Sketch: Punished Snake by Aurora-Silver

- Sketch
- Coloured / not coloured
- digital only
- Flat Colours
- Full Price: €15.00 ; + €10.00 per additional Character
- Flat Colour Price: €20.00 ; + €15.00 per additional Character

Special Styles
Price Range depends.

If there are still questions, ask me anything. And please, don't complain about expensive Prices etc. Questions go per Note or to my COMMISSION JOURNAL - Thank you!

:bulletorange: PAYMENT :bulletorange:

- TRANSFER (for Germany)
- Paypal
- Other

:bulletorange: Looking forward to your Orders!! :bulletorange:


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